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Fournier gangrene Abstract: Introduction: Fournier gangrene is a necrotizing fasciitis, which usually affects the external genitalia, the perineal tissues, can also damage the stomach, lower limbs and chest tissue. The disease is characterized by high mortality therefore it must be taken binaries 24 nr aggressive treatment measures within a few hours after the diagnosis.

binaries 24 nr

Aim: To identify risk and precipitating factors influencing negative Fournier gangrene treatment way out at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Urology Clinic over the past 10 years. Material and methods: It was performed a retrospective analysis of 27 patients with Fournier gangrene, and treated at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Urology department from through These patients were identified in two groups: the dead and survivors.

In groups to identify independent factors that could affect the bad results of treatment were assessed following factors - patient age, etiological factors, comorbidities, anaerobic infection, hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The data was analyzed binaries 24 nr the binary regression analysis. Results: From treated patients 26 were males All patients received surgical treatment.

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Eight patients died in the early postoperative period and the total mortality was In the deaths group the age averaged In binary regression analysis defined that diabetes mellitus, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate Ca, skin abscess, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, anaerobic infection are the factors influencing a bad way to go.

After the multivariate regression analysis it is showed that only diabetes mellitus is an independent factor increasing the risk of lethal 4.

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