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Roque Nublo is a large house with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms one with double bed, two with two single bedshuge living room and well equiped kitchen with table for It also has large terrace and a small pool that is not heated, so it is not really usable in cold weather.

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House has floor heating and large fireplace. Several bicycles are available for guests to use.

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This is very comfortable place, relatively far from any village, so I recommend to have a car when you visit, since closest shops and restaurants are 10 to 15 minutes of driving away. Altough distance by road is not large, windy and narrow roads do not allow for fast traveling.

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Bedrooms are large and comfortable. Good quality beds, large cupboards.

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Master bedroom has access to its own small bathroom, vega variantai toilet and shower. Main bathroom is large, well lit, with very large shower cabin.

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Shower has several spouts, so besides regular shower head, it has wide spout for "rain" showering, and several smaller horizontal spouts for water massage. Each set of spits can be activated vega variantai.

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Kitchen is large and fully equipped Galimybė parduoti dolerius stove wiht oven, microvawe, dishwasher, toaster. It has a lot of light and large table, and it overlooks the orchard and sorounding area.

House is located on the woody slopes of the hill, with great views.

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And there is only one house in the vicinity, but it is not visible. It is close to Llanos de Ana López, and to reach the road you have to drive few hundred meters over dirt road well maintained. Hosts are very nice and helpfull.

They do visit the house every couple of days to feed the chickens and take care for the plants, but they never intruded, and always announced in advance when they will arrive.

С каждой из полупрозрачных оболочек свисали пучки усиков, образуя нечто похожее на перевернутый лес. Видимо, некоторые растения, силясь избежать яростных схваток на поверхности, смогли покорить воздух. Благодаря чудесам адаптации они научились выделять водород и сохранять его в листьях, и это позволило им подняться до уровня относительно мирных нижних слоев атмосферы.

They left a welcome gift for us; wine, cake, some fresh eggs and walnuts. WiFi vega variantai very good. Rodyti daugiau Rodyti mažiau.

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